Post MKMMA – Week 8+

It’s a dreary morning. The rain is falling straight down and it’s steady. I welcome the rain. A chance to dampen down the pollen and other of nature’s stuff floating around in the air making my little guy sniffle, cough and scratch like crazy. I know his school is probably dreading today. A rainy day means kids stuck in doors. There will be lots of antsy school kids by the early afternoon.

Rainy days for me are a day where reflection comes more easily. Not sure where that programming came from. But, I take the day slower. I hang out in silence a lot more. It is like what is written in Mandino’s Scroll VIII “Now, like the wheat grain which will sprout and blossom only if it is nurtured with rain and sun and warm winds, I too must nurture my body and mind to fulfill my dreams.” (p. 90)

Today is that day for me. A chance to re-calibrate. Sit down in silence and go within and listen. It is really easy to jump back on that train that everyone else around you seems to be riding on. The train that takes you from one thing to another with no thought. No presence. No connection. And then you wonder why on your day off or the weekend you feel so depleted? Disconnected. Missing something.

There are others like me who do not want to be on that bullet fast train that speeds through life not making meaningful connections and missing out on living from their authentic self. I see them. I meet with them. And we hope to bring others off that speedy train to join us.

“I am not a worm. I am not an onion plant. I am not a sheep…Let others build a cave with their clay. I will build a castle with mine.”


I am going to take today to build my “castle”. I hope you have a chance to slow down, reflect and listen to your inner wisdom because your castle is waiting for you. Namaste. Peace be the journey.


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