Post MKMMA – Week 7


I have spent a lot of time indoors lately. Today, I decided it was time to step out and get some much needed vitamin D, au naturel.

I sat on the deck. I faced the sun directly. The sky was blue, beautiful sky blue. There were streaks of jet streams and light fluffy clouds.

I closed my eyes. I could feel the sun rays warming up my bare arms and face. A gentle breeze swept across me. Goose bumps appeared on my arms, then they quickly disappeared as the sun rays penetrated my skin.

I could hear the start of a lawn mower, and then the constant hum of it in the distance. Birds were tweeting and chirping in the background. I lull off. There were no erratic thoughts or constant chatter taking over my peaceful state. I could see round shapes dancing, floating and bouncing off each other with my eyes closed. My breathing was steady, quiet and non-intrusive. I was at peace. Complete peace.

I slowly came to. I looked at the time and thought, well let’s get back to reality. Dinner needs to be prepared and my little guy needs picking up from the after-school program.

I felt amazing to have taken that moment to completely detach from it all. There was a freeing from the constant thought process of “What is next?…Now, what is next?”

Dr. Seuss summed it up best when he said:

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment

until it becomes a memory.”

I hope you get your moment to unplug in the sun and see what wonderment it bestows upon you. Namaste. Peace be the journey.