Post MKMMA – Week 3-4

“The only thing that is constant is change…” (Heraclitus)


The rain is a steady stream from the heavens outside today. I can hear the pitter-patter of it against the window. The days are rolling into each other and before I know it another week has gone by.

I am in the final week of a course. I have a final exam on Saturday. This will mark the completion of course #4 of 6 for my certification in Gerontology. I have been eyeball deep in policy papers and research articles. I have answered numerous questions on the discussion board posted by the instructor. I have written papers and completed a few knowledge tests. The start of the semester was filled with excitement and overwhelm, but now it’s all about to end.

How true that change is the only constant.

I have been seeing it in nature too. These past few weeks with the warmer temperatures and rains, the grass is greener, buds have popped on the trees and little flowers have pushed their way out of the soil. There is a new energy flourishing all around me.

Am I in sync with this change? Or am I resisting  it? Am I taking responsibility for the changes? Or am I deflecting and trying to find excuses? I know Mark J would be encouraging me to sit and reflect. And…the answer that would come to me…I am where I am today because of choices I made last week, last month and last year. I am now more self-aware when I am pushing against a situation, when all I need to do is let go. Let be.

So, as I partially resist the ending of my course this week through many activities of procrastination. I recall what I learned and practiced in MKMMA – “Good habits are the key to all success.”…”I persist. I win.”…”I greet this day with love in my heart.”

I hope you are all continuing to find your true path and being kind to yourself in the process. As Mark J likes to say “Peace be the journey.”


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