Post MKMMA – Week 1 Review

I was thinking about how week 2 is already upon me without a webcast or following up on homework assignments. I feel like I am in a strange land. Where did the past 6 months go? How did it go so fast? Yet, while in it there were weeks where I felt like it was never going to end. I would struggle through some of the readings. Or have to push hard to complete some of the exercises. I would question myself week over week whether I was actually getting anything out of the work I was doing.

So, what have I been doing since our commencement? I have continued with the Mandino reading and moved onto Scroll VII, “I will laugh at the world.” It is fitting since laughter is said “to be the best medicine.”

I read my cards. I have added to my service card. I look at my vision board. I continue to write gratitudes and repeat my one sentence DMP when I feel myself slipping down the slope of negativity. These activities of redirection have now become second nature.

Change is a fascinating process. Sometimes it is very evident that there is a difference and then other times it is more subtle. MKMMA has definitely been subtle for me. And I think that subtle change has a greater long lasting effect and is more profound.

I stumbled upon this quote by C.S. Lewis and I thought how fitting for how I am feeling post MKMMA. I hope all my fellow graduates are doing well and are still discovering the wonders of themselves.



4 thoughts on “Post MKMMA – Week 1 Review

  1. beautiful blog:) true story, MKMMA has been subtle…and…empowering. applying the 5 P’s (Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance)


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