Week 22 – A letter from…

A letter from future me.

Hello You!

I hope you arwritinge sat somewhere comfy and have your favourite warm bevvy as you read this. I know as I write this I am sat exactly where you designed your dream life to be.

I am sat at the kitchen breakfast bar. Sunlight is streaming in from above. Those beauty skylights bring in lots of natural light. I look to my right across the dining, eating area to the great expanse of windows and patio doors. It’s the end of June now. There is a warm breeze flowing into the house and the sweet, woody pine scent is wafting in. Remember that smell? You fell in love with that scent when you first went out west and hiked through the beautiful trails of Moraine Lake, Lake Louise and Jasper.

I can hear squeals of delight outside and splashing of water. The kids are playing outside down by the dock. Just as you envisioned those years ago in your DMP.

I know you are worrying. The MKMMA course is coming to the end. Does this mean your dream also comes to an end? Absolutely not! You have so many great tools in your box now. You know how to think for yourself. You are marching to your own drum. Following the compass. Getting out that magnifying glass, honing in and focusing on what is important. Remember Haanel, 22-1, “Knowledge is of priceless value, because by applying knowledge you can make your future what you wish it to be.” You did just that. You persisted.

“I can be

what I will

to be.”

You learned to develop new habits. Habits that took you towards your ultimate dream life. A life that is filled with joy, adventure, authenticity and a wonderful community. Your passion of helping others and then seeing those helped do the same for their community is happening.

It is all good. It is all here. Your future designed by you for you and those who mean the most to you.

Jump into the abyss. Follow that Hero’s Journey.

“The cave you fear

to enter

holds the treasure

that you seek.”

(J. Campbell)

Keep believing. You have come so far. Put in the time and overcome many obstacles.

I am here waiting for you. We are all here waiting for you. Your vision is a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Continue to just be. See you soon.

Lots of love from, Future You.


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  1. beautiful! Are you reading the letter from your future friend each day? I have created one too that I read after I have completed my morning reading. Mine is dated a year from now… If find it powerful, as powerful if not more than the press release. How are you using yours?


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