Week 19 – Slow cooking.

At the start of this MKMMA journey. You know way back in September. (Smile). I was thinking I am about to take the ride of my life with Mark and his team. Week after week of listening to the webcasts, doing the readings, creating the blog posts and following the exercises, I was waiting for this BAM! The bam where a huge puff of smoke apptimeears and out from the smoke is the new me. Wow! She is shiny. She is smiley. She exudes confidence. She radiates warmth and peace. But guess what? There has not been any bam. And that is perfect. Because what I have learned is that change takes time. Just like it took time, lots of time, years in fact, for me to be programmed to conform.

I liken my time in the MKMMA  to making a perfect stew. A stew that warms the body and delights the taste buds is one that has been given the time to marinate. Slow cook. Not rushed. And everything we have been doing is exactly that, it is slow cooking. One exercise added here and there; preparing the mind. The next thing you know all the ingredients (exercises/activities) are a perfect blend and the result is delightful. The old thinking pattern is fading into the dust. The twisted and knotted gut is free. The eyes are open. The heart is open. I am receptive to my surroundings, wherever there maybe. I listen for opportunities, even the smallest of ones. In fact, the other day I took 5 minutes to listen to a lady, who had been walking on the track. I listened to her tell her story of her friend who had recently passed away. The passing of this friend was a shock to this lady. I had no idea who this lady was or her friend. But, as I was changing my shoes to leave and she sat down next to me on the bench with a big sigh. I thought to myself reach out. I did. And we had a lovely conversation about life and friends. It lasted less than 10 minutes. If that was a year ago. I would have been so focused on changing my shoes to get out of there onto my next task I would have completely missed the sigh and the moment to connect.

So, I want to say thank you to Mark and team. Thank you for not doing the BAM! Thank you for the structure of this program. Thank you for helping me come into my authentic self. Peace be the journey. Keep believing!


7 thoughts on “Week 19 – Slow cooking.

  1. Hi Natalie, I too ave been looking for the Bam!!!! and not received it. I have concluded that it took me 62 years to build up the stuff, it might not be soo quick to knock down. Life is a journey, we need to enjoy the walk down the path, maybe even smell some flowers, etc. But, your enlightened perspective is a blessing, to all.

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  2. Nothing more profound can be said, Natalie! Love it.

    My trouble with stews (and my wife will say with most things I cook!) is that I neglect to stay on top of the stirring/flipping – Oops! A low heat, adding the various ingredients in one-by-one, simmering to get all the flavors to come together – that, indeed, is how the MKE has been for me, too! Of course, it helps to remember to put the potatoes&carrots in early (at the last minute does NOT work – LOL) and to stir occasionally (frying my stew was not the idea)! I’m getting better, though.

    And when I feel a particular need for “BAM!”, there’s always popcorn. Ha!

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  3. Natalie, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and the great illustration of cooking stew slowly for the best results. I too am seeing new things about myself but it has been slow in my discovery. Keep up your hard efforts and it will pay off. Have a great weekend and next week.

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