Week 18 – Just ask.

This by far has beexciteden the strangest week for me.

It actually started on Saturday night, the night before our last live webinar. I had finished doing some work when out of nowhere I had this flurry of ideas pop into my head. I immediately grabbed my notebook and started jointing them down. I did not judge. I just wrote. I had this giddy excitement. I was bursting with delight. I felt the same excitement my four year old son exhibits when we go to the park or to his favourite play centre.

I went to bed that night with the biggest smile on my face. I, also, had great trouble getting to sleep. I started having conversations in my head with prospective people about turning my ideas into reality. So, I had to focus on my mantra and breathe to finally doze off into dreamland.

The next morning I read my list and the critic did not show up. There was no “Who do you think you are?“, “Really, are you kidding me? Right. Like any of that is really going to happen?” Nope. I was filled with delight and thought to myself “let’s do this!”

So, this week I have been reaching out to people whom I think can help or may know someone who can help. I am taking the little steps…”small attempts, repeated, complete any undertaking.” (Scroll III, Mandino). I am filled with courage. I am okay with hearing “no” and prepared to hear “no”. No does not mean never ever, forget it. No just means try again. “I persist. I win.” (Scroll III, Mandino)

The future me is closer than I thought. Who knew? And it is very timely that the question of the week is:

“What would the person you intend to become do next?”

Well, I intend to continue my journey following my compass, growing my new found confidence and giving without expectation of reciprocity because what I am experiencing in return is magnificent! Journey on!


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  1. This is so exciting, Yaaay!!!! 🙂 Keep us posted with how this unfolds for you. Many blessings your way, Natalie.


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