Week 17 HJ – Do it scared!

For some reason this week I have found myself reflecting back to where I was a year ago, January 2016. I had started a new university certificate program, was working with a life coach and quietly planning my departure from a company I had been with close to 12 years.

I look back at that “me” and see a person full of anxiety and very unhappy. A person who would have to muster up all the energy to get out of bed to start each work day dreading every moment. I recall saving to my phone various podcasts and audio recordings related to Joseph Campbell, Bob Proctor and Abraham Hicks. I would constantly repeat to myself “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.” The fear at the time was walking away from a good paying job with benefits and a pension. But those things were meaningless to me when I was constantly asked to give more at the expense of my personal health, family time and most of all my values. I did walk away and I walked away with grace.

So, who am I today, this year? I am definitely not that person full of anxiety and unhappiness. However, I do have feelings of uncertainty, discomfort and I am a little scared. It is time for me to return to the wonderful world of work or find some way to earn and generate a healthy income to support my family and the greater good causes I believe in. A podcast showed up the other day that talked about those people who seem to have it all together are also experiencing some feelings of trepidation and it is okay. The mantra of the podcaster, Natalie Eckdahl, is “Do it scared.” Embrace the discomfort. Embrace the unknown. We are all in it together and there is so much we can learn and achieve in those moments of uncertainty. And for me, that is what this hero’s journey is about. Do it anyway. Do it scared.



6 thoughts on “Week 17 HJ – Do it scared!

  1. Natalie, I can so relate to the feelings you wrote about and found this post absolutely beautiful! It is interesting how you were drawn to Joseph Campbell a full year before you would also embark on the Hero’s Journey! You knew all along what you were preparing to do!!! Congratulations on having faith to take the steps to discover everything you are meant to do!

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  2. Natalie, your Blog 17 HJ was amazing and I am so happy that you aren’t working at your old job. I am so thankful that you have acquire new skills to see what needed to be done and the guts to do it. What an amazing woman you are. Congratulations on what you are learning and good luck on your new job. Hooray for new adventures.

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  3. Courage, by definition, requires fear. I applaud your persistence in moving forward with uncertainty. Reading your words are inspiring.

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