Week 17 – Reaching Out & Gratitude

I took the next step in moving my DMP forward this week. I attended my first business network meeting. I know a couple of women in this group, so it was a little less scary than going to a network event where you know nobody.

We had a chance to mingle before and after the meeting. There were two of us that were new to this group. We each had a chance to provide a little information about ourselves and what we were hoping to gain from the group. Most of the group members are holistic practitioners; there were a couple of individuals in MLM.

I am not in MLM or a practitioner. I am student of life. I am carving a new path. Listening to my heart versus to those who think they know what is best for me based on their cement Buddha.

The part of the meeting that I liked the best was the end. We all stood up, held hands in a circle and each had a chance to share a gratitude. handsThis was human connection on the most basic level. You could sense the positive energy in that moment. I thought to myself how profound this would be in the workplace. I thought back to the management team I was a part of and wondered if instead of us standing up and presenting power point slides on the 1% defects and constantly focusing on the lack. What if we had stood together as a management team, held hands and said a gratitude for the work we were able to do.

Gratitude for our employees who showed up everyday to work.

Gratitude for the customers we had.

Gratitude for each other.

I wondered how different a place it would be to work if we had more focus on what we had versus always focusing on the problems? I can hear one of my General Managers saying “You have to be careful how much  praise you give otherwise you will foster complacency.” How sad for him to think this way. I know from MKMMA, the more you focus on the good, the more good shows up in your life. Law of Growth!

So, for any of you who are still in the wonderful world of typical work environments. I wonder what would happen if you started a circle of gratitude with your employees or fellow co-workers? Could a movement be started to bring more peace and harmony into the workplace? I would like to think so. Let me know. Namaste.


10 thoughts on “Week 17 – Reaching Out & Gratitude

  1. Natalie, I work in a small office (only 4 of us, including myself) and can’t wait to see how this idea improves and already wonderful work environment.

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  2. Natalie, your blog was inspiring and I agree with you that it is more important to focus on what we have accomplished within a company rather than focusing on what we haven’t done. Positive comments always produce an environment of positive potential and a strength of support. Thanks for sharing your genuine spirit.

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  3. I loved how your networking group closed the meeting, what a great idea and a way to deepen the connections. I want to remember this for future reference. ❤


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