Week 16 -Happy place


I sit in my office to write this blog this morning. The sun is streaming through the window. I feel the warm sun rays on my right arm. I slowly close my eyes and I am instantly transported to my DMP. I am sitting on my deck looking out at the sparkling water. I can hear the gentle roar of the boat engines going by with giggling and squealing kids being pulled behind. Then, there is silence. A warm wind brushes against my face and the scent of sweet pine wafts into my nasal cavity. Birds tweet and chirp all around me. I am at peace. I feel harmonious and happy.

I can feel the warmth on my arm start to disappear. I open my eyes. I am in my office. There are wisps of clouds moving in front of the sun. The sunlight is no longer streaming heavily through my window. I look to my left and see my vision board full of the pictures of my purposeful life, a compass right smack dab in the middle and a magnifying glass directly below it. Live by the compass and focus; hone in on your dharma.

As we started this week, I was “Yeah, yeah. I know the drill.” I opened lesson sixteen of Haanel and as I read these words hit me hard.

“The fifth period is the constructive period, when people begin to acquire property, possessions…family. The next from thirty-five to forty-two, is a period of reconstruction, adjustment and recuperation, so as to be ready for a new cycle of sevens, beginning in the fiftieth year.”

What?! How does/did he know? This is me. Me in this phase of “reconstruction, adjustment and recuperation.” How is it possible that words written in 1912 are still so relevant today? It is all about the laws. The laws are unchanging. It is us who have to come in tune with the laws and execute flawlessly.

The sun is back warming up my arm. I will close my eyes again so that I can be on my lakeside home deck taking in the sights and sounds of nature’s beauty and relishing in my DMP.


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