Week 13 – Persistence

I am a blank slate this week. I have tried to come up with some worthy words to write. Words that would inspire. Words that would illustrate how this week has been going for me. Words that would tell the story of my journey and what I am taking away from the week’s exercises and readings. Yet, I have sat and stared at this blank page and there is nothing.

I tried writing about what I heard when listening to Earl Nightingale’s recording of The Strangest Secret.

I tried writing about “we are what we think” and a brief little experience I had in the grocery store that turned into a positive moment because I made the conscious effort to shower positive vibes and not retreat and scold myself over the event.

I thought I would write about “building my castle one brick at a time” and the steps I have taken this week to manifest my goal of being my own boss.

But, the best I can do this week is post the following:

It’s the week leading up to Christmas. Our house is buzzing with activity. We are crossing off things on our lists. Our nights are long. Our mornings are early. We are preparing for many visits with family and friends.

I know that I must persist with my MKMMA exercises, even through the hectic time of the holiday season. I am keeping my eyes high on my goals, and wishing everyone a very happy and safe holiday season!



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