Week 11 – Accountability


How many times have we heard or read, if you don’t write it down it will not get done? I am notorious for writing down lists of things to do. But, writing down actions, clear and
time-targetted actions that help me move towards accomplishing my ideal life, that has been the golden key for me in this MKMMA course.

I kind of knew that’s what we were doing. I had hints of it. Yet, after Sunday’s webinar it was solidified for me.

My life, in some respects, has been hints of things. I would get an inkling to pursue something. I would not give it a lot of thought. Does that really fit me? Is that something I would really like to do? Or am I going to do it because so and so thinks it is a good idea? I would pursue the thing, give it my gusto and succeed, but left empty in the end. And there I would stand at another fork in the road trying to determine what would be next for me.

At the start of this year, I was working with a life coach, she had me make a list of all the jobs I had done. I was astounded to see that since the age of 14 I have had 29 different jobs, some of these jobs have been with the same company. But, at my ripe young age of 45, I have had 29 different positions. That’s basically a job a year for the past 31 years.

As I looked over those jobs, I had to write down what I liked and what I didn’t like in each one. I cannot say, with enthusiasm, that any of the positions I have held I have been fully satisfied in. Hence, I am here in MKMMA chipping off the cement to reveal my golden Buddha. The voice that has been calling to me over the years to listen is a lot less desperate these days. My DMP is becoming a living document. I can clearly see that I must live it today, as if it has already happened.

“I excitedly rise at 6:00 am to relish in nature’s waking, journal and walk our two dogs. The birds morning chirps are music to my ears. The haunting sounds of the loons is my serenity.”

Do I have two dogs at this point in time? No. But, that does not stop me from getting up and writing in my journal.

Do I have the wondrous of sounds of nature in my neighbourhood? Nope. I primarily hear the hum of traffic. Instead, I find some nature sounds on my Smartphone and listen as I get ready for the morning.

I feel so much more at ease with life as I focus on my  PPNs and make better choices to support them. There is such freedom in having been encouraged to sit and listen to find out what is important to me and how I can authentically give back to the world around me. Every week there is reassurance in my accountability to myself and to those I am serving. Since…

I always keep my promises!



9 thoughts on “Week 11 – Accountability

  1. I love this, Natalie. That you are starting where you are at, and taking small steps every day in a way that honors your PPNs and DMP. It’s like telling subby, “It is done.” ❤

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  2. I love this post Natalie. You remind to start now, here, exactly where I am. Step by step…you have eloquently stated my bggest stcking point and inspired me to live my dreams today. Thank you. One ❤Love Lucinda


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