Week 10 – Keep it Simple

“Oh” I said to myself, nodding my head and smiling. This mini “ah-ha” moment came to light on December 1 when we moved onto Scroll III, and I read the words of the very first sentence.

I will persist until I succeed.

Of course. What else am I going to do? My future self is waiting. In fact, my future self is coming closer to today. Why would I want to play the game of “I will be happier when…”?

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and HAPPY.

Now. In this moment for all to benefit from.

I am finding it to be a fascinating experience when we move onto the next scroll and there is that moment of excitement, anticipation. I feel like I have just been handed a gift and I am giddy to see what is inside. To myself, I ask “what is it going to say? What magic nugget is going to be shared?” And then I read and it is like “Yes. That is it. It is that simple.” I then hear Mark J’s voice in my head saying “Folks, it is that easy. A child can do this.

So, what is this about then? This need to have some extraordinary, out of this world solution or answer to life’s experiences. When all we really need to keep in mind:

Good habits are the key to all success.

I greet this day with love and I succeed.

I persist until I succeed.

As the weeks roll on, I am building knowledge. Knowledge that supports my true self, not someone else’s, but mine. I am then taking this knowledge and each week I am building upon it. It is just as Haanel writes, 10-23, “This exercise consists in making an application of your knowledge…You must make the application.” And everyday, little by little, I am making that application. Completing the services, plan of action, readings, and sits. Is my execution PERFECTO? No. But, my eye is on the prize, my DMP. Onward I go to build my dream into reality and all the while keeping it, the process, simple.



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