Week 8 – The Fog is Lifting


As I have journeyed through these weeks of MKMMA I have been waiting for an OUT OF THIS WORLD “AH-HA”. I have been expecting that I would wake up one morning to this brand new version of ME. I was beginning to think that the work of reading, sitting and reflecting was a waste of time. I wake up each day, and I am still me. When was my “AH-HA” moment going to happen? I don’t have much time to waste, let’s hurry up already!

Then, as this week has progressed, bits and pieces of the last webinar started to replay in my head, and the words of the Master Guide Jason P hit home for me. His message about incremental change. The small steps we take each day.

The mental diet has been key in lifting the fog. As I have increased my awareness of my thoughts and how they effect my actions. I have begun to see a shift in how I am relating to the world.

I am stepping away from the rabbit hole of negativity.rabbithole

I am taking the time to play out the scenario in my head:

“Well, if I choose to respond with the ‘stomping of my feet’, what is it going to get me?” Hmmm…more strife.

“Ok, how about I approach it from a more positive perspective?” Hmmm…ahhhh peace!

It is clear to me that Haanel’s Part 8 is about where we focus our minds. As a result, negative thought begets negativity and positive thought brings about more positive outcomes. Now, these positive outcomes are not necessarily the other person jumping for joy. I did learn a long time ago that you cannot control how somebody else is going to respond to a situation, the only person you can control is yourself. So, even in some intense moments this past week, I have stepped away. I have not added fuel to the fire. I have removed myself. I have given myself the time to decompress. Remind myself that “I greet this day with love in my heart.” (Mandino)

I am renewed in continuing with my little steps each day to watch the fog dissipate, and the light stream through. I believe there is going to be a spectacular view on the other side of this.

“Our daily practice of strengthening our mental faculties will result in changing our habits.” (Haanel)


2 thoughts on “Week 8 – The Fog is Lifting

  1. Dear Natalie,
    You’re doing great. I agree with Mark and Davene, that the Aha’s will come – and they will be incredibly eye-opening for those on this path. We’ve all been through lots of negative experiences over our lives, and for some it takes longer for the breakthroughs to happen.
    I’ve done lots of personal development work over the years, so much of this MasterKey course was somewhat familiar. The biggest difference for me is in the knowing now why these exercises are so important, and why they must be redundantly absorbed through the conscious into the subconscious.
    I had three major Aha’s these last two weeks, but two of them came from related books I felt inspired to read.

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  2. Your progress, subtle at first, will be steady and sure….the ah-ha’s are coming…however they too may be subtle. A few months from now you will look back and wonder…..WHAT! When did that happen?! How is I miss it!!! And that could be the biggest Ah-Ha of all….smile. Very inspirational post.


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