Week 6 – Love Be My Guide


I had mixed feelings about moving onto Scroll II. I was both excited and nervous. I was still learning from Scroll I, and was not entirely sure if I was ready for Scroll II. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning wondering what the present was going to be under the tree? In this case, what gift was going to be in Scroll II? Ta da – – Love.

To wake up in the morning and read that first sentence, “I will greet this day with love in my heart.” (Mandino) is a game changer for me. It’s putting aside my long to do list and rushing in the AM from one thing to the next to get the day started. It’s taking the time to connect and see those in my life from the perspective of love versus a person I have to get out of the door to school or work. And to realize that there is love all around.

I am finding with this course that things pop up in your life that you may not have given a second thought to. My Yoga class this week, the instructor was guiding us through our poses and she said “As you feel the resistance in your body for the pose, let your breath be your kindness. Breathe in your kindness to help your body let go.” Kindness. Be kind to yourself. To yourself. Yourself. This was a “AH-HA” for me. I am way more understanding and patient with others than myself. I put enormous pressure on myself, and when I do not meet the expectation, boy oh boy, do I have a heavy conversation with myself. Do I feel more inspired after? No. So, it is time to do it from a place of kindness and love.

The other thing that popped into  my life this week was a meditation series from Deepak Chopra and Oprah. I have been a long time listener and user of the meditation series that they put out every few months. The current one is called “Creating Peace from the Inside Out.” It is all about the power of connection that starts with yourself. When you are able to have a loving connection with yourself, then you radiate this out to the world. In Deepak’s words, “My relationships begin within, through love and caring for myself.”

My mantra for the week:

Aham Prema.

“I am love.”



3 thoughts on “Week 6 – Love Be My Guide

  1. Good post, Natalie. We are so hard on ourselves. I relate so much to that. No matter how loving we may be to others, we can be so harsh on ourselves. Keep putting as much of your heart into this as you can. This is life-improving work. I’ve been through a lot of personal development processes in my life and they were mostly awesome, but this MasterKey work is stellar.
    Perhaps this will help you. It’s one of the signature quotes I put at the end of my emails (I change them based on what the subject is, or what my intuition inspires me to end with). I write non-business under the name, “WhiteHorse,” and this is something you may want to put on your mirror too.
    “My wish for you today
    is that you believe in yourself
    as much as your friends believe in you.”

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  2. It’s beautiful to see how the connections are playing out in your life. Things are really moving inwardly! ❤


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