Week 5 – Mental House-Cleaning

headThis by far has been the toughest week for me. As much as I have embraced reading Og, Haanel, my DMP, and my WPOA. I have felt every cell in my body in complete resistance to letting go of opinions. In fact, I had commented in the Alliance area that my brain suddenly went into binge opinion mode shortly after the webinar on Sunday. I have tried to quieten my mind. I have tried saying “thank you” to my thoughts and then gently move on. However, every fibre of my body is in deep resistance. You see I am a fighter. I believe in justice. I believe in fairness. I believe that we need to stand up for ourselves and others because if we don’t who will? I am in a circumstance where I feel I am being unfairly treated. I am an adult in my 4th decade and feel I get to choose the type of people who share my sacred space. I am losing. And logically I know the circumstance should not be about winners and losers, because even if I win, I will also be losing.

So, I have continued with the exercises this week even though it feels like I am trudging through the thickest and muckiest of waters with a 50 lb weight on my back. As Haanel writes, 5-12 “Mental, moral and physical cleanliness are absolutely indispensable if you are to make progress of any kind.” I know paradise is waiting on the other side of this challenging terrain.presence


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